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Raz is a UK based frontend developer and web designer known for his attention to detail and creating engaging user experiences.

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I've been working on the web since 2006 to create beautiful websites and applications that exceed expectations and delight the user. I've had the fortune of working with some big brands and made a reputation for building things that look great and are easy-to-use.

Today, I'm a freelancer and I like to keep things small. I believe it's the best way to keep the quality high and the communication tight.

I work mostly with startups, small businesses and individuals because I value close working relationships and informal processes.

I put my soul into every project. I want people to recommend me to their friends, and I know they will only do so if I work my hardest and do my best.

I quote for all projects in advance and offer the sort of no-nonsense approach that gets results fast. If you like what I do and think we could work together, please get in touch.

My strong background in graphic design and interaction design allows me to bridge the gap between functional products and beautiful, memorable ones.

When clean, responsive design blends with well-balanced typography and good hierarchy, I’m happy.


  • Web

    I want to design good-quality websites that are delightful, expressive, inventive and above all, useful. Making sure the design makes the product understandable and it conveys what it is all about and what the people behind it are all about.

    The users are at the centre of everything. If their experience is positive, it's also going to be memorable.

  • Frontend Development

    This is my specialty, I've been doing frontend dev for a long time. I like to keep up to date with new techniques, I can code some mean responsive designs, my CSS is well-structured and maintainable, my HTML is clean and of course standards-compliant.

    I use Sass as a CSS preprocessor, jQuery for the behavioural layer and my imagination for coming up with delightful user interactions.

  • Mobile

    With a third of traffic coming from mobile devices nowadays, you want to make sure your website looks amazing on these devices as well. Meet responsive design. Responsive sites seamlessly adapt to browser dimensions and, combined with applying some mobile optimisations, it means we can provide the user with a good experience no matter the device.

  • User Interface Design

    Everything that's meant to be used by a human has some UI design built-in. For websites and web applications, this involves focusing on the users, analysing their needs, prototyping, thinking about the information architecture and the journey through the site, and basing the graphic interface design on these findings to make the user's interaction as simple and efficient as possible. Good design is unobtrusive design.

    User Interface Design
  • CMS Integration

    If you want to edit your site without learning HTML in the process, you will need a Content Management System. I can integrate the frontend into Wordpress or a simpler and easier to use CMS. A CMS relates more to backend development, so if you need a custom built CMS with lots of custom functionality, I have lots of backend developer friends and we can build that for you!

  • Playing
    Video Games

    Well since you clicked on this I'm gonna assume you're interested in getting to know more about me. I spend most of my free time playing video games. Besides the obvious entertainment, I find them hugely inspiring. I find myself studying the aesthetics and the gameplay mechanics, and it helps me design things that are more... well, playful.

    video games
  • Drawing, digital painting

    Drawings and illustrations are a passion of mine and I've been wanting to learn how to draw properly for a long time. I've recently jumped straight into it and bought a Wacom Cintiq graphics tablet, I'll let you know how it goes and post all my artwork here!

    digital painting
  • Experimenting

    I'm a very enthusiastic and easily excited person, especially when it comes to the things I'm passionate about. I like to learn stuff and I like to tinker with stuff. Whether this means constantly upgrading my computer (I've built a hackintosh in a classic Mac G5 case), trying new apps or techniques to optimise my worflow, or simply life hacking, I'm always up for it!




  • Frontend development
Agency: Rawnet

ITV are one of the world's biggest media production & distribution companies. Their previous website was not performing well, they were losing traffic and interest in their programmes, and their platform for presenting programmes at exhibitions was inneficient.

I was part of the Rawnet team that undertook this huge challenge. Together we created a single platform that covers the website, exhibition experience, analytics and customer relationship management.

I was responsible for the website frontend development, along with my frontend wingman Simon Sturgess - @dahliacreative. I've also worked on the reporting & sales portal.

I'm so very proud to have worked with the amazing guys at Rawnet building this. Lots of work went into it from all members of the team but it was all worth it. The new website exceeded all expectations, there was a 980% increase in daily visits to the Global Entertainment page! Needless to say, the client was very happy!

View the launch video on the Rawnet website or visit itvstudios.com!

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Holroyd Howe

  • Frontend development
Agency: Rawnet

This was a challenge and a fun project to work on. As the client wanted to attract a larger audience, the site had to impress and be unique and memorable.

I've worked with the designer in the initial phase, offering my ideas and technical expertise and making sure his ideas could be implemented. Then I've used the latest features a browser had to offer to build it, whilst making sure it works and looks good in less capable browsers and on various mobile devices.

I've written the core Javascript framework that handles all the animations, creating a horizontal scroll that adds originality, and using 3D effects to transition between sections. Each page has only it's corresponding content on it, all the other pages are loaded with Javascript, according to an algorithm which decides which page the user is likely to visit next.

You can tell I'm proud of it! Go give it a visit!

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The Waterfall Project

  • Frontend development
  • Design

An innovative device that's looking to do some good in the world. I designed and developed a clean and simple website to help spread the word and attract investors.

Steering clear of clichés was quite important for me on this one, as sadly we've all become a bit desensitised to images of third world countries, so the design needed to counter and frame the strong imagery, whilst making sure it does a good job at providing clear product details.

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  • Frontend development
Agency: Rawnet

A crazy rally. A unique brand with image at the heart and diesel in it's veins. I was part of the Rawnet team that undertook the endeavour of overhauling this very manly brand whilst sticking to it's core values.

Developing this was a challenge, we opted for a 'Google Images' inspired grid design that combined full screen imagery and videos with AJAX loaded sections and ecommerce, all within a fully responsive layout.

A real team effort.

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Because Experiential

  • Frontend development
Agency: Rawnet

Innovative marketing agency Because needed a brand new website to help engage with their audience better. I undertook the frontend development, implementing the design and adding some nice user interaction styles to bring it to life.

A beautiful design, still one of my favourites.

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Williams F1

  • Frontend development
Agency: Rawnet

An oldie but a goldie.

I did the entire frontend development for the old website, sadly it's not available anymore as the site has been redesigned. I'm still very proud for working on it!


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